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Places we like to Dip

Clear Creek Golden Colorado

This is one of my favorite spots to dip. Located in front of the Golden Public Library this spot has a nice size pool, with a fast water flow. The pool is quite deep, with a circular current. 

there is plenty of room on the rocks to lay out and catch some sun. Its perfect for Colorado beach days.  The public library asks for only library vistors in the parking lot so you will need to park on the street and walk to the library. 

once in the library parking lot follow the river east to this pool.  

Address  1019 10th St, Golden, CO 80401


Eben G Fine Boulder Creek

Eben G Fine Park is one of the first places I dipped in Colorado. In the winter time there is normally plenty of parking.  It also has bathrooms for changing. 

There is a really nice pool with steps down to it, with a medium flow of current. The pool is about 4 feet deep. 

Address 101 Arapahoe Ave Boulder, Co 80302


Arkansas River Buena Vista Colorado

Another one of my Favorite spots to Dip. 

If you are in Buena Vista just go to the Surf Chateau and follow the sidewalk down to the river. There is a nice pool that is a bout 4 feet deep, as well as an area to wade into. Water flow is fast. Parking is on the street. While You are in town Check out The Buena Viking. They've got the best burgers in town. 

Address  1012 Front Loop Buena Vista, Co 81211


Black Bear Hole St. Vrain Creek

Black Bear Hole on the Is located in Lyons Colorado just before you get downtown. It has a very nice sized pool with a fast flowing current and has a beautiful view. The pool is around 4 feet deep. If you walk over the bridge  you will find The Clarifier Community Mosaic. if you walk down the west side of the bridge you will find this pool. There is plenty of parking.

Address 103 Park St Lyons, Co 80540 


Lair Of the Bear Morrison, Colorado 

Another Great Spot to Dip! There are numerous pools to dip and plenty of trail with amazing views. Pools range from 2-4 foot deep and the water flow is slower. Plenty of parking here as this is a popular destination for mountain bikers, hikers and runners.

Address  22550 SH-74 Idledale, Co 80453


Corwina Park Evergreen, Colorado

This spot is really neat. The way to the pool is by crossing the bridge and then taking the trail east.  The pool is about a 3 minute hike along the river  and has a really nice area to get in. 

Water Flow is slow. 

Address 25280 SH-74 Evergreen, Co 80439

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